Family & Consumer Sciences

We provide educational programs that focus on strengthening individuals, families and communities by addressing critical issues and needs, such as nutrition and health, family finances, food safety, emotional wellness, and parenting.

Contact Information

Starla Hardin
FCS Agent/County Director
Phone: 931-375-5301

Family sitting on a couch together
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Human development programs work to strengthen families through education. Focus areas include preparing for parenthood, parenting successfully, and addressing the changing needs of families.
Various nutritious foods
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Nutrition and Food Safety education seeks to encourage individuals and families to improve the nutritional quality and safety of their diets. Classes target both youth and adults.
A handful of money
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Financial Management education programs teach basic money management skills to both youth and adults. Planning, saving, investing, and using credit are topics addressed by this program.
Three people walking in a park
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Health and Safety programs seek to help clients create safe and healthy homes, prevent disease, and manage health conditions by making healthful lifestyle choices.
A community gathers in a park
FCE Clubs
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Family and Community Education Clubs are designed to strengthen home, families, and communities through leadership development, education, and community service.
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The Expanded Food and Nutrition Program targets at-risk families with intensive nutrition education to improve family diets and nutritional well-being.