Nutrition and Food Safety

Tennessee Shapes UP

This program is a series of lessons on nutrition and health targeting adults. The lessons encourage participants to Shape Up their diets, fitness routines, and personal habits.  Lessons focus on fruits and vegetables, maintaining a healthy weight, eating breakfast, emotional eating, portion control, family meal time. Each lesson may be taught individually or as a multi-session class.

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Fairview Park Cooking School

A cooking school is conducted each month at Fairview Park Community Center. The class is free and open to the public. It takes place on the second Wednesday of each month from 10:00 to 11:30 a.m.  One recipe is prepared and tasted at each class. Come and enjoy learning to prepare easy, low-cost, and healthful recipes for your family. No reservations required.

Little Organ Annie

This program teaches nutrition and health principals to pre-school through 1st grade youth using the Little Organ Annie Doll as a interesting visual aid. Students learn about their organs and how to take care of them. Teachers may request this program throughout the year.


Glo-germ lessons teach proper hand washing techniques for children pre-school through middle school. The lesson focused on why and when and how to wash our hands. Students get to see those invisible germs thanks to our glo-germ lotion and a black light.

Tasty Days

Tasty Days lessons focus on encouraging elementary aged youth to eat more fruits and vegetables.  Lessons and activities focus around a different fruit or vegetable for each of the eight lessons. As the end of each lesson, students are encouraged to try the fruit or vegetable of the day.

Rowdy Racoon

This class targets young children teaching good nutritional and health habits. Participants receive a newsletter to go home to parents after each class.