Agriculture Programs

Programs educate farmers and homeowners and other agricultural and horticultural producers on the latest management practices needed to solve problems and improve production and marketing.

Programs also help Tennesseans protect the environment and improve the management, marketing, and use of natural resources. For more detailed information about these programs provided in your area please contact the County Extension Office.

Contact Information

Darrell Ailshie

Agriculture and Natural Resources Agent

(Agriculture related and Horticulture issues)

Phone: 931-375-5301 Email:

Les Humpal
Area Small Farm Specialist
Phone: 931-375-5301

Agriculture Resources

Beef Quality Assurance (BQA)

Master Beef

Ag. Enhancement Program

Burn Permit Information

Areas of Interest

A series of classes that provide knowledge on cow-calf operations. Fall 2022 classes will start on September 22, 2022. Sessions will revolve between Maury, Giles and Lawrence Counties. If you are interested you may call UT Extension at 931-375-5301. Classes are in person.

Contact: Darrell Ailshie

A service offered to the pubic to identify problems with plants.

Contact: Darrell Ailshie

A service offered to local farmers to permit them to purchase restricted pesticides.

Contact: Darrell Ailshie

Different ways to improve the income of your beef cattle.

Contact: Darrell Ailshie

Service offered to farmers to help with the long and short term planning.

Contact: Lester Humpal

Contact: Darrell Ailshie

Beef Cattle “FIRM” is a computer software program designed for beef cattle farmers and ranchers. It is a tool to help maintain individual cow, bull and calf performance, sale information and inventory records.

Contact: Lester Humpal