Additional 4-H Programs and Activities

Dairy cows coming out of their pin

June Dairy Month

Contact: Call office for an agent

June is Dairy Month! Learn more about dairy products, associated health benefits, and dairy production while enjoying delicious dairy snacks. Have your June Dairy Month Chairman come to your pre-school, library or youth group for fun educational programs during the month of June.

On My Own

Contact: Starla Hardin

What is it like to live on your own? To be financially responsible for yourself or a family? Experience the reality of living on your own in our two hour “On My Own” simulation. Each participant receives an occupation and a family scenario. Then they deduct taxes and insurance from their gross income and pay bills for the month at the “On My Own” stations. This simulation teaches participants to save money, to spend wisely, to receive an education and to wait to have children!

Ages: 7th – 12th grade

Student showing teachers a Child Care presentation