Becoming a 4-H Volunteer

4-H School Club Volunteer

Conduct an in-school 4-H club four times during the school year.
Serve as a liaison between the county Extension office/county 4-H agent and 4-H members and their parents regarding 4-H club programs.
Support 4-H professionals in conducting meaningful educational experiences to help youth develop and reach their full potential.
Inform and encourage members and parents to actively participate in 4-H opportunities.

4-H Camp Volunteer

Assist 4-H agent in planning, organizing and implementing a positive camping experience for all attending camp.
Give leadership in providing safe, healthy, and fun learning activities for campers and adults.
You will attend mandatory camp training (6 hours) plus attend camp, Monday – Friday. While at camp, you will follow the same schedule as campers. You are expected to be at camp day and night.

4-H Project Group Volunteer

Organize and conduct a project group.
Teach specific skills pertaining to project.
Provide opportunity for youth to learn and develop core life skills.
Encourage members to participate in 4-H opportunities to showcase their completed project work, such as portfolios, Project Fair, livestock shows, County Fair exhibits, etc.

4-H Volunteer Forms

Forms must be filled out completely. Forms will be expire after one year.
Child Protection Training  
Club/Project Group Volunteer
Camp/Overnight Volunteer
Full position descriptions may be obtained by clicking on the volunteer title. Volunteer forms may be obtained by clicking on form title.